Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Set-up Free Internet Connection

This is simply a means by which one can bypass tolls connect and browse the internet 'free'. You need the software, the settings and then a means through which you can link up to the Internet (usually an ISP). ISP means Internet Service Provider. Knowing the IP address of your ISP is very important - it forms a link between you and the ISP. An example of IP address is . Before I forget, IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol, a number used to identify one machine from another on the Internet. While the software will serve to bypass firewall checks, the settings will provide it with the necessary information it needs in order to trick your ISP into linking it up to a proxy server stationed elsewhere.

However, this type of connection cannot in any way be considered as an ideal way to connect to the internet. It can only be considered an emergency means of connecting to the internet! Apart from toll bypass, it can also be used to fight censorship in information-restricted countries - which is at the very heart of this blog.

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